Brevard County Racing





Race Location: Pineapple Park located at 1521 Pineapple Ave. Melbourne, FL 32935

Park is located next to Eau Gallie Library


Race Start Time: 7:15 a.m. (Plan to arrive no later than 6:15 a.m.)


Packet Pick Up: Wednesday, September 28, Thursday, September 29, Friday, September 30, & Saturday, October 1, 2016 (10:00 a.m. -6:00 p.m., 5:00 on Saturday) Running Zone 3696 N. Wickham Rd, Melbourne. (321) 751-8890

Sunday, October 2,2016 (5:30 a.m. – 6: 45 a.m.) Eau Gallie Civic Center


NOTE: Photo ID required to pick up your packet – all participants must pick up their own race packets.

Relay teams must check in together.



Champion Chip Timing: This race will be timed and scored using the Champion Chip Timing System. You will not be issued your timing chip at packet pick up on Saturday. All chips will be distributed on race morning. This chip must be worn in order for you to receive any times. You are responsible for the return of your chip. chips will be distributed on race morning in the Transition area as you head to the swim start.


Parking: There will be ample parking within ½ mile walk of the race site. Volunteers will be present on race morning should you need assistance.


Spectators: Please be advised, for the safety of all participants and volunteers the following areas are only designated for participants and staff. These areas include the Eau Gallie pier, designated athletes swim start areas, transition and finish line areas.


Body Marking: All participants must be marked at the body marking area just outside the transition area.


Please Don’t Litter: Be good citizens- don’t litter on the bike or run courses. We are guests of the City of Melbourne and would like to keep coming back. If caught littering by a USAT official- it will result in an automatic DQ.


Dogs: Please plan to leave Spot home. Dogs are prohibited in the park area.


USAT Officials USAT Officials will be present on the course. Please familiarize yourself with the most important USAT rules-a sheet will be provided in your race packet.


Pre Race Instructions: Important instructions and information will be given at 6:50 a.m. at the swim start location. Please plan to be there.


Awards: The award ceremony will be immediately following complete results.


Results: Results will be posted following the awards ceremony and complete results will be posted at: (


Relay Teams: Relay teams will make all the exchanges at their designated bike rack location in the transition area.


Transition Area


  1. No bike storage the night before the race.

  2. Participants only in the transition area.

  3. Bike rack assignments will be made look for your numbered rack

  4. Participants will not be allowed to mount bikes inside transition area

  5. You must dismount before the transition area entrance following the bike segment.

  6. Only the participant will be allowed to remove his/her bike from the transition area.

  7. Participants will be allowed into transition to remove their gear once all bikers have passed through transition and are on the run course.

  8. Please note that the bike course mileage is just over 15 miles. (No, your computer is not off)

  9. Transition area CLOSES to ALL ATHLETES AT 7:00 a.m





  • All competitors will be called to the pre start holding pens 15 minutes before their start.   From there you will walk to the beachfront area and into the water. All athletes must be body marked before entering this zone.   If you need a new body marking, you can ask for it under the tents at the athlete’s area next to the starting pens. Follow the Race Official’s instructions and wait for the horn signal to start your race.

  1. We won’t know the water temperature until race morning. Be prepared. Bring your wetsuit.

  2. There will be a variety of watercraft on the swim course during the race. If you feel it’s necessary and you need some assistance, wave your hand above your head.





  • The bike course will be well marked with mileage markers along the route. Volunteers will be present at all turns. We will do our best to make the bike course clear as possible, but it is ultimately your responsibility to know the course.

  1. Bike course map is available on the Battle of the Bridges Triathlon website and at the web site and will also be in the race packets.

  2. USA Triathlon officials will be present at this race, and will ensure that participants complete the entire course.

  3. Stay to the right and let faster cyclists pass on the left.

  4. Hard shell helmets must be worn and must be fastened before leaving the transition area.

  5. Bike frame numbers that are provided must be attached to the top tube of the bike near the handlebars.

  6. No headphones, earphones, or any radio devices will be allowed.

  7. County and local law enforcement will be present at designated major intersections and cross streets. Motorists will be on the roads as well. Participants must comply with the directions of law enforcement, failure to comply could result in criminal violation (FS 316.072)

  8. No water bottle exchange on the bike course. Please prepare and have enough fluid for the bike course. There will be coolers of water and Gatorade available in the transition area next to the chip pick up station.

  9. Bike tech support will be present prior to the race and will also be on the course during the race.

  10. You will have to walk/run your bike out of transition to the bike out area before mounting.

  11. You will have to dismount before entering the transition area upon completing the bike leg.




  1. Run course map  is available on the Battle of the Bridges Triathlon website and at the web site and will also be in the race packets.

  2. You MUST wear your race number that is provided –ON YOUR FRONT.

  3. There will be 2 aid stations on the run course.

  4. No headphones, earphones or any radio devices will be allowed.

  5. The run course will be well marked. Volunteers will be present at all turns. We will do our best to make the run course clear as possible, but it is ultimately your responsibility to know the course.



Safety of ALL the athletes is the paramount concern of the Race Director. Therefore, the Race Director reserves the right to alter, change, shorten or cancel the event due to inclement weather. 






Battle of the Bridges Triathlon
Melbourne, Florida